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Friday, Sept. 13, 2013 @ 8:06 P.M.

Bad days happen...

Well, cannot say that I am thrilled with my situation at the moment. Right now I am sitting at my brother's desk, well, just in his chair and typing on my laptop because it is now the only computer I have left. Yep, our house in Skyway was broken into and I am staying at my 'rents's house until we clean up and figure out how to cover a broken window. The hubby and I slept in the small bed in their guest room, just grateful to be together and safe. Had to move the kitties to my 'rent's house as well since there was a ton of glass all over the kitchen and in their water dish. My mother was quite uneasy about it, but they were just stuck in the den where Rogee hangs out and they are doing okay. Yoru, of course, adapted faster, but Yami somehow lost her collar in this mess of a room. I hope I will not have to clean this room to find it...

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