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Friday, Apr. 18, 2003 @ 1:57 P.M.

Searched and found!

Some wacky searches that bring total strangers closer to the brink of insanity. Hee!

geoff & jen
I started laughing my buttocks off when I saw this. It would never happen... not in a million years.

"stuck in box"
Not exactly sure what they want, but there it is.

Rex Navarette: Badly Browned
Yay! I have this CD...

Jackie Chan Adventures fanfics
I love that show...

brainwrap film
Theatre folk just can't stay away...

hellsing clips
Interesting... trying to find those. Not here, sorry.

I LOVE Veggie-kun!!!

how to cheat "gaia online"
What the...?! You can't do that! Cheaters never prosper, anyways...

emode lethal weapon
Yes, I am...

"Saiyuki Music"
Indeed, the music from Saiyuki is pretty cool.

I am not sure what this person was looking for exactly...

I'm scared... can there be more of me out there?!

Oh, yeah! He is one sexy elf.

cursed jack sparrow
Oh yes, I love me Jack Sparrow.

how to kick someone's ass
And I will show ya how, if ya manage to piss me off.

vegeta and bulma stories first
Yay! Fans of the most perfectly matched up personalities on DBZ. I love Veggie-kun!

half indian pinay
Uh huh... I wonder if they were looking for someone in particular.

dark nights piccy
I don't know... pictures of dark nights?

gypsy reports
Don't ask me... I just write here.

Lanzer gaia
Yatta! Someone was looking for Gaia and stalking Lanzer and found my journal. Scary...

borderline disorder stupidity
I laughed and laughed...

Bah, that anime was boring.

wamu employee
Yes, but she isn't one anymore, is she?!

i want to be a harry potter look-alike
I hope this is for Halloween, buds...

actor john statham
I love this guy! He is currently my favorite Brit actor.

the meaning of eccentricity
Just visit some of the diaries in my eccentricity diary ring and you'll see what eccentricity means.

fraternize with employees
Um... yeah. I'm not gonna get into that.

buy dwarf seahorses
I can't believe what weird things will bring up my journal.

diary "love chris"
Um... this brings up some memories

regal cinemas sucks
Hopefully it's not some corporate big-wig doing this search.

Love that language!

office ettiquette funny
I don't think I have such a thing. I'm way too serious at work.

listen to "daredevil soundtrack"
I have that. It's great!

girl pantie shots
Once again, I don't see the appeal

bad attitudes at work
I have to deal with a lot of that. It sucks.

There are none like me! I hope...

goddess of mood swings
Yes, I am one.

anime quizzes by quizilla
I have done quite a few because they are just so much fun! Apparently, Brendan took one and turned out to be one of my favorite characters.

silly tests
I have done quite a few.

restaurant ettiquette
I have none. It's sad, really...

"pill" and "mood swings"
More people with problems finding my journal.

movie 9th configuration

Hey, I'm not the only person who's seen this movie. Cool!

Yearly reviews employees
The questions is, why? Why even bother? You know you won't get that promotion

regal sucks movie
Yeah, they do.

I guess Rotchana has people after her too.

JEEZ!! What is wrong with some people?!! Who the Hell films these things and why look it up? You hentai dorks!

Surveys For Guys To Fill Out About Girls
All right... there are some guys out there with too much time on their hands.

Who could be looking up stuff on concessions and why? ::Shrug::

It's nice that people who look for Japanese stores find my journal instead. Hee hee... sorry.

sakura and naruto pictures
More and more fans of Naruto... I wonder why it hasn't been picked up in America, yet?

Why the people with problems? Is it me?!

naked pinay
Which I am not... what are people doing?

Yu-Gi-Uh! card
Uh? Someone got something wrong and got my journal instead. Why are there so many bad spellers?

East Valley 13 Cinemas
What is it with trying to find the cinemas in this area?! What are people looking for? Why don't they just check or something?

Issaquah 9 Cinemas
::Sweatdrop:: Who in the world is finding my journal? I hope that it's no one important... or influencial.

Matt Goyra
Oooooo... somebody is trying to find Matt. I hope they understand what they've found.

bubble tea and Issaquah
Obviously someone likes bubble tea and wants to find it in Issaquah. How odd...

avoidant personality disorder surveys
Methinks some people need help that my site cannot give. How sad...

Eccentricity Survey
Yay for eccentricity!

livewire soda
I just adore this stuff! Whenever I go to the store, I try to buy as much as possible 'cuz it's only for the summer. Poo...

.evanescence banners
I love this band! It would be nice to have some banners with the group on it, but that's pretty unlikely. Or is it?

Tracey Early
Someone I don't know, but someone who knows her found my site. Too bad...

all rise wordage
I don't know what they were trying to find. But they found my journal!

naruto pics sakura
Ah, more fans... how pleasant.

pictures of a whale dork
What are people doing looking these up? Is it some strange obsession or research? Maybe I shouldn't ask...

mood swings and alcohol
More people with problems finding my journal. Sorry I can't help!

Trigun tests
I always am glad that someone is a fan of Trigun just like me

whale penis pictures
Why pictures? Is someone doing a research paper or something? Please say it's so.

This is the fourth time people have found my journal with these words. What's wrong with some people?!

whale penis
Okay, somebody really has a fetish or something for dorks.

Yu-Gi-Oh quizzes
Well, well, well... more anime fans. What a thrill.

get backers clips
Yay for anime fans! They keep on get my Sakura Con entry.

silver Dreamcast manuel
I'm pretty sure they were looking for the manuAl, but who said that they weren't looking for a guy named Manuel playing a silver Dreamcast?

Regal Cinemas payroll
Hmm... someone checking on this must be after information. Too bad all they found was my so-called life.

Sakura con pictures
Cool! This has helped me find a site full of pics of the con!! Check out

Naruto magnets
I wish I had some of those magnets. That would be cool!

Chris Cristo
I don't know who the guy is, but I can't stand him already.

Final Fantasy IX fanfics
I should see if there are some good ones out there to read.

quitting caffine
Why is it that people who have problems find my site? Oh well, I hope I help them by showing them how crazy caffine makes me!

pantie shots
Ah... someone is looking for naughty things!

Well, yes... that is the whole point to my journal, isn't it?

Moises house
Someone is stalking Moises!

joke, George Bush, pope, airplane, parachute
This is from an old joke someone sent me a long time ago. Don't ask.

whale penis
Um... what? Why would someone be searching for that? It's a dork, by the way.

Why do Schiziod Personality individuals avoid close relationships
Eh heh heh... yes, why? What interesting questions people have.

Prozac quitting
I'd say somebody has a bit of a problem... and they managed to get my diary. I hope it helped.

roach killing
You stomp on 'em. 'Nough said.

monkey brains meal
EWWWW! Someone has a strong palate... icky.

What fun! I think I'll add more searches as they appear. Older ones on the bottom, newer ones on the top of the list.

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