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Thursday, Aug. 08, 2013 @ 5:15 P.M.

Annoying things are annoying...

Today was kinda annoying. I had to go to work an hour earlier and that meant that I had to wake up even earlier. I found out from my FitBit Ultra that I was in bed for over 6 hours but only got a little less than 3 hours of sleep. What the heck... I knew that I was a light sleeper, but why am I not crazy or more cranky? How is it that I can function without the crutch of caffeine or huge amounts of sugar? Well, I prolly consume more sugar than I should, but I need something to keep my blood sugar from getting too low. Anyways, I do not feel any sympathy for those who say they did not get enough sleep and have to spend tons of money trying to stay awake with chemicals and things. No sympathy at all. I have enough will power to not kill people so you should too! Yeah, you would think that I would be insane by now, but hubby says since I have a stable home life and am a generally happy person that I would not be insane, just a little crazy. I am definitely a scatter-brain bubble-head, but that is about it, I think. I wonder how other people perceive me...

So, I have been telling a lot of the regulars that Rita no longer works at the store and most people miss her or were surprised because she was good at her job. One person came in and she basically said it was a great thing that we got rid of her and that really pissed me off. No matter how much Rita got on my nerves sometimes and annoyed me with her constant voice over the intercom, she was still my friend. I covered up so many of her mistakes and pretended not to see her constantly talking on the phone or just chatting with customers in line, how could I not love her like a grandma. In any case, the customer's comments just made me angry and I had to walk away before I said something.

All right, time to try and get more steps in and maybe more floors in before Mahal Ko comes home. Having something to tell me how much exercise I get in hard numbers is actually a great motivator for me. I wonder why...

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