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Monday, Jun. 24, 2002 @ 1:15 P.M.

Those that have to deal with me

These are the the fool people who don't have enough sense to run screaming from me, colored according to whether they are family, co-workers, aquaintances, or friends
Name Age Description Other Details
Rochelle 22 Has been described as a mini version of me... she hates that She's my younger sister and my best friend. She far more independent than I am as she was the first of us to move out on her own. Referred to in this journal as "sis" or "Roach" or "chicka".
Roger 19 He's at least 5 inches taller than the rest of the immediate family... so basically, he's a freak He's my younger brother. A bit of a geek-boy, but he's a great kid. Loves to mess with people's minds. Referred to in this journal as "little brother" or "bro" or "Rogee"
Moises 22 A Mexican who has been mistaken for being Asian We first met when I helped out working at the Issaquah. Now, he's working at Walgreens since we are roommates. He's like a little bother... erm, I mean, brother to me. Heh... I don't know how he puts up with me. Could be our mutual love of anime... Referred to as, "Momo-kun"
Jenifer 22 She's half-Indian We first met when she was an employee. Now, she works at the same Walgreens as Momo-kun since we all live together. She's kinda like me: quiet, loves anime, and moody. Referred to as "Jen", "Nezumi", or "Mi-chan"
Genesis early 20s? She's a girl, but will deny it We first met when she was an employee. Now, she works at KinderCare with little childrens. She's Jen's bestest friend. Referred to as "Ramen" or "Gen"
Rotchana early 20s She's a petite Laotian We first met in high school. Now, she's my best lady-friend. She's going to college in Denver, so it's tough to hang out. Referred to as "Rotchana" since it's her name
Brendan 28... oooold! He looks better naked than dressed... ::insert derisive laughter here:: We first met when I came to help out at the Issaquah. Now, he's an booth manager at one of the biggest theatres in California. He's a fantabulous guy with a kick-ass home theatre system. Referred to as "Brendan" or "B-kun"
Randy 23, I think He says that he's the least looking Mexican in his family... I would have never guessed that he was one We first met when he was an employee. Now, he's a fellow assistant manager. He finally got his salaried position! Sarcastic, opinionated, and brash. He's quite an amusing guy. Referred to as "Randy" or "Rand-da-man"
Brent 30s He's, well... Brent We first met when I helped out working at the Issaquah. Now, he's a fellow assistant manager. He can do math in his head... impressive. Referred to as "Brent"
Chris 23 Dark, wavy hair and lovely eyes plus a killer goofy smile. We first met when I interviewed him. He holds a special place in my heart, hence the special color. I hate him so... Referred to in this journal as "Chris", "Cristo", "my Chris" or "beloved"
Geoff 20 He's a Harry Potter look-alike... I'm not kidding We first met when he was an employee. Now, he's a bum, I think. I can hold an intelligent conversation with him... that says a lot. Referred to as "Geoff"
Desiree late 20s, early 30s? She's a red-head We first met in the ladies bathroom... really! She introduced herself as a candidate for the GM position at the Issaquah. Referred to as "Des" or "Desiree"
Alex early 20s She says she's da bomb... um, yeah. Transferred from another theatre to be an asst. manager at the Issaquah. Poor her... Referred to as "Alex"
Chris M. 24 He's a Pinoy from Maryland We've never met. He lives on the East Coast! But I have read all his diary's on diaryland... ALL of them. We IM each other from time to time. Referred to as "G-Chris" or "Got-Chris"
Ryan 23 He's one of those guys that I would say, "He's, like, 12 years old!" Was an employee that Jen hired(she's very proud of this) and now... he's a bum... seriously! He's also a sickboy. Referred to as "Ryan"
William Erm... 20s He's a biiiiig man We first met when he was an assistant manager. Now, he's working at a bank. Referred to as "William"
Tracey mid 30s She's Canadian with half Native blood We first met when she was an employee at the East Valley. We worked there as assistant managers together, then got transferred to the Issaquah. She always works day shifts. ::Sigh:: Now, she's transferred to the Parkway. That should make her happy. Referred to as "Tracey"
Jeremiah 24 He's an African-American that looks waaaaay younger than he is We first met when he was the GM of the Parkway. He then transferred over to the Issaquah as the GM. Now, he's a GM in Oregon... ::Shrug:: Referred to as "Jer" or "Jeremiah"
Doniell Early 20s Brownish-red hair... at the moment. Tends to color it a lot. We first met at church. She's into everything German and plans on going there for school and to live. Hates Rammstein. Already got married!! Referred to as "Doniell"
Cory 21 He's one of those white boys who'll never look grown up We first met when he was an employee at the East Valley. Now, he's a manager there. He's as annoying as heck and can act quite stupid at times. Makes me want to hit him all the time. Unfortunately, I think he likes it... Referred to as "Cory"
Ruiza early 20s A petite pinay We first met when she was an employee at the East Valley. Now, she doesn't work there anymore. Referred to as "Ruiza"
Scott 40s He's a guy with glasses We first met when he was the booth manager at the East Valley. He still works there and will prolly work there until projectors go totally digital, but he's good at what he does. Referred to as "Scotty"
Rex late 20s? He's got a very close hair-cut, or maybe he's balding. ::Shrug:: We first met when he was the acting GM of the Bellevue or Bella, I can't remember. He's now the Booth Certifier. The man irks me. Referred to as "Rex"
The Johnsons Various ages The dad's from Texas and the mother from California. Kids range from babies to teens. "Mr. Derron" is the youth group leader. "Ms. Cara" is his wife and co-leader. "Bethany" or "Beth" is their teenaged daughter who's in the youth group. "Taylor" is the kid brother. "Jordan" is the toddler. "Melody" is the baby.
Kyle 20? He's, well... Kyle We first met when he was an employee at the East Valley. Now, I have no idea what he's doing. Referred to as "Kyle"

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